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ETEM ?-3000  - Thermal-break Sliding


The “top quality” system

Where design and construction needs are increased, the ?-3000 CASSIOPEA system of sliding frames can offer the perfect solution for top quality thermal insulation in successive sliding frame constructions. The system was chosen for such large projects as the renovation of the Athens Hilton Hotel and the Macedonia Palace Hotel in Thessalonica due to its ability to ensure durable and strong constructions for medium and large openings.

The system sealing is optimum as it is based on special gaskets thus ensuring full utilization of the advantages of the movement mechanism and offers ideal tightness.

It is so designed as to provide perfect security, and the three-point lock used in the system is the best type of lock fitted in any type of sliding frame.

It has received all necessary quality certificates from the Rosenheim Institute in Germany, after being tested under extreme conditions where and passing such tests with the best thermal and sound insulation results.


The ?-3000 CASSIOPEA system offers:

  • Top level thermal and sound insulation;
  • optimum tightness even under extreme weather conditions;
  • a capability of creating durable and strong constructions, covering large and medium openings;
  • saving space in large openings;
  • perfect security due to the special three-point lock;
  • A capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods - anodizing.


  • two-sash, successive sliding frames, with one fixed and one movable sash;
  • two sash, successive sliding frames, with two movable sash;
  • four-sash, successive sliding frames (with double rail), with two fixed and two movable sash. 

Indicative Dimensions

Max sash dimensions Width 3 m X 2.67 m height
Min sash dimensions Width 0.72 m X 0.79 m height
Max sash weight 250 Kg
Glazing thickness From 14 to 42 mm